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Welcome to RDR Marine Systems

We do “MOOR” for you! We are your authorized waterfront equipment dealer in Ontario for Shoremaster Boat Lifts and Docks, Marine Railways and Water Toys, offering the widest range of Aluminum Marine Grade products. We also sell and service marine railways in boathouses and on shorelines.

  • Aluminum Standing Docks
  • Aluminum Floating Docks
  • Aluminum Truss Docks
  • Floating Docks / PolyDock
  • Wheel-In Dock / Roll-In
  • Curved Docks
  • Infinity RS4 Dock
  • Infinity RS7 Dock
  • Infinity TS9 / FTS9 Docks
  • GalvaFoam Floating Docks
  • ShorePort
  • DocKit
  • Dock Furniture
  • Dock Accessories
  • Gangways / Railways
  • Marine Railway Systems

  • Aluminum Boat Lifts
  • Vertical Lifts
  • Hydraulic Lifts
  • Cantilever Lifts
  • Galva-Lift (Floating Lift)
  • Personal Watercraft Lifts
  • Floating PWC Lifts
  • Lift Accessories
  • Kayaks / Hydrobike / Water Slides
  • Swim Rafts / Rip Raft
  • Inflatable Water Toys
  • Lake Toys / Pool Toys
  • Waterpark Equipment
  • Aquapark Aviva Climbing Mountains

Whether you vacation at your cottage/campground on a small river or lake, or you spend your summers on one of the Great Lakes, or you’re a family or a full scale marina, we at RDR Marine do "moor" for you with Shoremaster Boat Lifts and Docks, Marine Railways and Water Toys by going that extra mile to service and meet all your waterfront needs.